Custom Gettysburg Historical Restoration Work

While there are a lot of wonderful things that come along with owning a historical home or building, we also know that there can be quite a few headaches. At Brownley & Sons we understand the complexities that come along with restoring an older home and will be sure to show you the personal service that you deserve.

Preserving history is important, especially in a place like Adams County. For decades, Brownley & Sons has worked to carefully restore the historical structures and homes in the Gettysburg area to their original greatness.

We bring them up to modern standards without losing the charm and character that makes them unique.

Dependability, integrity, and high-quality work are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Brownley and Sons. They are a great local company and I highly recommend them.

— Eddie Caldwell


Your new 'old home' is waiting.

Headache-free restoration. Modern standards with historical charm.